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But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8. As Good Stewards, we are extensions of His love and were here to help. Our ability to connect with you is what makes our efforts worthwhile.

Wisdom From Above™ Children of Light™ Servant Unto All™ Lion's Den Training™

Wisdon from Above™ and Children of Light™ are properitary Biblical Strategies created exclusively for those whom we provide teaching, coaching and training through our materials. Servant Unto All™ is near immediate feedback where we work closely with you for resolution to issues, problems and concerns utilizing defensive and/or offensive Biblical based legal strategies.

Biblical Solutions Providers

As Biblical Solutions Providers for Debt Free Living, we are flexible in the strategies we utilze to help those in need. We understand that no two persons issues are the same. As Biblical Solutions Providers for Debt Free Living, we will work with you in developing solutions based uniquely on your needs.

Teaching, Coaching and Training

Our Teaching, Coaching and Training for Debt Free Living works as we identify your problem and we work with you to apply the concepts of our Teaching, Coaching and Training for resolution of your identified problems.

Our Story

If you want to win you must do everything that it takes to win. If not, just keep doing what you are doing and keep losing! Our Story is simple, in Christ Jesus our Lord, we are winners and we will do EVERYTHING that is Biblically Correct to win. This is our story and the strength of The Good Steward.

  • Foundational Strategies Built Upon Biblical Principals 90%
  • Harmonization of Biblical Principals as Fire Wall to Creditor / Legal Agressions 75%
  • Utilizing the Bible as Law with Judicial Notice 60%
  • Personalize Coaching and Training 10%
Why Budgets Don't Work

Why Budgets Don't Work

Biblical Advance Debt Management Strategies for Debt Free Living

“Why Budgets Don’t Work,” explain in detail the fallacy of attempting to budget yourself out of extreme debt.

It also provides a solid Biblical alternative to Bankruptcy. At the Good Steward, we believe that Christians are commanded Not to go Bankrupt. Therefore, we believe that there is a Biblical way this can be handle as we live our faith faithfully!

This book provides clarity so you can walk in your blessings. It also includes a proprietary strategy we specifically created to help anyone dealing with extreme debt problems.


Dying From Debt

Dying From Debt

Biblical Insights for Immediate Relief of Debt with Solutions for Debt Free Living

The Dying from Debt series is an ongoing accumulation of Battle Tested, Highly Efficient Strategies to get you out of Debt Fast! Our material is designed to help any person to help themselves. As we continue to engage each other, we will continue to provide information that can be built upon our foundational material.

In Dying from Debt, we introduce you to the Biblically inspired proprietary Advance Debt Management Strategy of James 3:17, Wisdom from Above™.

You are in for a treat and a Spiritual refreshing as you begin to understand what it means to be a Good Steward and how there is strength and vast amounts of power in doing things the way scripture commands us to.

Basic Foundational Training

Basic Foundational Training

Biblically Understading the Traps and Tricks designed to keep you from Debt Free Living

Dying from Debt: Basic Foundational Training is the material we utilize to build upon our Advance Debt Management Strategies.

This basic foundational training exposes the traps and tricks that banksters and creditors utilize to trick and trap you in debt structures that are designed to kill you financially, where by setting you up so that you can not be effective in being all that our God desires for you to be.

We expose the tricks and traps, that once you understand what you are dealing with and your understanding how things have been set up to destroy you and your family financially, you will though “getting understanding” want to survive, and this leads to the the natural progression of your becoming a Good Steward.

All of our Foundational material is Biblical Based – Trust us, no pie in the sky stuff here!

Battle Book 1

Battle Book 1

Biblical Advance Debt Management Strategies for Debt Free Living

In Battle Book 1, we continue to build upon the Advance Debt Management Strategies we introduce to you in Dying from Debt and show you how to take the take the fight directly to the banksters. In Dying from Debt, we purposely made it appear as if we were passive and timid. In Battle Book 1 we come out swinging, hitting creditors, collection agency and collection lawyers with things they have never seen. Once you finish whipsawing them into shape from all the lefts you’ll be hitting them with, they’ll be begging you to hit them with a right!

And if the above were not enough, we will introduce to you and show you how to utilize the proprietary Biblical Legal Strategy of Luke 16:1-13, The Children of Light Biblical Legal Defense™.

Battle Book II

Battle Book II

Biblical Advance Debt Management Strategies for Debt Free Living

In Battle Book 2, we continue to build upon the Advance Debt Management Strategies of James 3:17, Wisdom from Above™ and Luke 16:1-13, The Children of Light Biblical Legal Defense™.

In this book we step into areas that we can safely say many lay persons have seldom entered. We will show you how to properly navigate things that at first will appear unclear, but as you continue to work through all the material we have provided you as a road map, you will achieve a level of freedom and clarity that you previously could have only dreamed of.

…And were just getting started.

To our God be ALL the Glory!

The Delicious Credit Cookbook

The Delicious Credit Cookbook

Unique Credit Solutions for Debt Free Living

This book is full of industry best practices, designed to help anyone to obtain Good Credit. The author as a Good Steward pro per litigant, personally litigated an action for correction in Federal Court against the three major credit bureaus. Utilizing our proprietary Advance Debt Management Strategies and our Biblical Based Legal Strategies, I obtain positive favorable concessions, and the best part, you can too with the proper training!

Our material is way more than disputing and hoping the credit bureaus don’t respond timely to your request so you can get good credit. It is comical to us that people are still using such pathetic and antiquated methods, even as they bill themselves out as being professionals – What a joke!

Motor Vehicle vs. Automobile

Motor Vehicle vs. Automobile

Biblical Advance Debt Management Strategies for Speeding Tickets and Driving Infractions

Consider if you will that if our law is broken into two categories Civil and Criminal, what law is used to cover the right to travel? Is it civil or is it criminal?

Taken further, when you get pulled over by a police office or state trooper, what law is being enforced – civil or criminal?

Your knowing the answer to these two questions opens up limited possibilities that you can use to effectively prosecute your own claim as a defendant or a claimant?

This guide includes EVERYTHING you need to be victiorious when you are summoned to court.

Step by Step, we show you EXACTLY what we did from the initial ticket onward to the case been dismissed



An Accord & Satisfaction

An Accord & Satisfaction

Biblical Advance Debt Management Strategies for Debt Free Living

A method of discharging a claim whereby the parties agree to give and accept something in settlement of the claim and perform the agreement, the accord being the agreement and the satisfaction its execution or performance, and it is a new contract substituted for an old contract which is thereby discharged, or for an obligation or Cause of Action which is settled, and must have all the elements of a valid contract.

To constitute an Accord and Satisfaction there must have been a genuine dispute that is settled by a meeting of the minds with an intent to compromise. Where there is an actual controversy, an accord and satisfaction may be used to settle it. The controversy may be founded on contract or tort. It can arise from a collision of motor vehicles, a failure to deliver oranges ordered and paid for, or a refusal to finish constructing an office building, etc. 
             The above is from Legal Dictionary

This Technology in this guide, shown to you STEP by STEP will provide you with EVERYTHING needed so yo can effectively fulfill ALL the requirements necessary so that you can prevail in any Accord & Satisfaction.




Save Home From Foreclosure

Save Home From Foreclosure

Lion's Den Training

Just as Daniel (because he sought to live righteously) was thrown into the Lion’s Den, (see, Daniel 6) God was there with him. Likewise, we believe that God will be with you as a Good Steward.

We believe that the strength of being a Good Steward is that you MUST be right inwardly, which will then manifest outwardly.


  • You are NOT attempting to deceive your mortgage holder.
  • You are NOT telling the mortgage holder that you are refusing to pay them.

In fact, the position we take in our teaching and in our offering this Technology is that you have sought to do EVERYTHING RIGHT and you are attempting to pay mortgage. It just so happens that you are short on cash or have fallen behind in making the exact payments being requested of you at this time is an impossibility. So you are respectfully asking the mortgage holder to understand this. If they do, then you’re good. However, if they won’t, this is when you fight! Not that you want to fight, rather, you have to, so you WILL NOT LOSE YOUR HOME!

This Technology is rooted in the concepts of your utilizing your Advance Biblical Principals made applicable for Law. It is designed to stop EVERYTHING lawyers do to take your home. This results in your being able to stay in your home, often for years without making payments. This technology is lawful and it is what ultimately drivers the lawyers to the table to work with you.

Think of the mortgage holder lawyers being Sisyphus, the sinner in Greek  Methodology condemned in Tartarus to an eternity of rolling a boulder uphill then watching it roll back down again. This is in essence what you will be doing to the mortgage holder lawyers. Every time they file motions to take your home, you push back with things they have never seen or even knew existed;  making them start all over again – day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

They finally get the picture that you are in this fight to win and this is when they come to their senses and start working with you.

The training needed to do this is based upon an accumulation of all our previous works and some other things we will continue to enhance. We suggest that you obtain and review ALL the material in our “Dying from Debt” Series. This, way you’ll be prepared to handle the steps as they come upon you.

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore, get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.
Proverbs 4:7




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