The Delicious Credit Cookbook


Here is a pitch that you will often hear from misguided people about your credit:

“By reducing debt and having the creditors report the payments received as prompt payments, most people who enter into a consolidation or debt-reorganization program will actually improve their credit rating.”

But the sad truth this is misinformation, courtesy of… “TRICKNOLOGY!”

For those whom we assist The Good Steward will explain to you in detail why doing the above can only hurt you. We will also assist you with the necessary knowledge via financial & other strategies to overcome credit deficiencies.

This book is filled with templates and forms utilizing the latest information and technologies that will provide you with all the information needed so that your objective for Good Credit can be obtained.

For a limited time, we will be providing this book FREE OF CHARGE to those whom we provide coaching and training. 

The book is designed to teach you the inside secrets to effective credit repair.

Much of the material within this book is proprietary information developed exclusively for those whom we provide coaching and training at The Good Steward.

This book is NOT for sale!