Start Here

Greetings Family,

We know you are experiencing some bad times, but there is a song by “Mary Mary” called “Shackles” that starts like this…

“I know it’s hot out here…
“I don’t mind though… I’m just glad to be free!

Glory to our God that you can get free as well, despite the heat of debt concerns.

To get free, the first thing you need to do is review our free e-book “Why Budget’s Don’t Work.”

This will provide you with part of the foundational information that you will need as you move forward to your Freedom from Debt. In short, it lays a firm foundation as to why budget’s don’t work when you are in financial distress. Once you get this book and prayerful consider it’s contents, you should obtain a copy of Dying From Debt!: Surviving False Profits and Financial Choke Holds”


Dying from Debt will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to obtain IMMEDIATE RELIEF from those would attempt to keep you in financial shackles.

By applying our first steps as we detail, you will immediately obtain a financial, mental and physical freedom that you may not have had for a long period of time. This unfortunately will NOT be permanent, for as we have said, and now repeat in terms of full disclosure, you are in a fight. In fighting, let’s understand and take a note from our King even when He won his first battle.

And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.
Luke 4:13

Therefore, what we are providing you is the ability to win the first battle, but NOT the war…

This war is going to continuing and you need to become prepared for the battle that is ahead. The Good News, we can assure you, by the Living God is that He has not left you. You will be far from defenseless and we assure you, this is a battle that you are going to win.

Be courageous, don’t quit… Make a determination that you want to get trained. We will provide you with EVERYTHING you will need for this battle to the debt, and you will learn you will have the ability to do things that you would never had believed you would have been able to do. And we are sure, as many others before you have attested to, we will prepare you to win your battle, even as we have trained and assisted others to win their battles.

All Blessings In Him,

The Good Steward