Greetings from the Good Steward

Every day in America thousands of honest & decent, hard-working people wake up and find themselves in deep financial trouble, with too many bills to pay – and too little money to pay them.

Understanding that this is a reality with so many in need of assistance, we have been blessed to developed a program that we know can help those in need.

Do not believe that there is NO HELP beyond credit counselors, negotiators, mediation and even lawyers… It is a Lie!

We are experts in debt management and we apply Biblical Solutions by way of Advance Debt Management Solutions. We specialize in providing Teaching, Coaching and Training to help individuals and families to obtain peace of mind that results in stress-free living. We are extremely efficient in helping individuals and families to resolve debt related concerns. We are honored by the fact that we gear our solutions to start where others stop.

If you are tired of being taken advantaged of due to your financial situation and you feel that you need help from the experts, you are at the right place.

We provide powerful, hands on, self-help information that can be used to protect yourself and your family, even when there are limited monies available.

We also assist you in your counsel as you are confronted by various issues caused by your financial hardship. We say this confidently as we have come to understand that having wisdom to apply learned knowledge is power.

At “The Good Steward” we know that your problem is not unique, but the solution we offer is unique, it’s called “training through teaching.” And you have to want to be taught so that you can take charge of your present circumstances without the services of lawyers.

Your present problem is that you have been legally & financially misinformed and this misinformation in great part has resulted in the problems you and your family are now experiencing.

We have over 25 years of experience in banking and banking related services.

The Good Steward is a biblical based organization that harmonizes the principals of Holy Scripture as “The Final Authority” for use in the areas of law, economics, and social concerns.

Our collective experiences over the years as we have managed collection agencies, call centers, working for law firms and some of the premier credit card providers in the world have allowed us to manage businesses and collect Billions of dollars from customers, many who were experiencing situations similar to those whom we now faithfully serve.

Because of the diversity of our background, it has provided us with a unique ability to help those that are facing severe financial difficulties. We have counseled and assisted many individuals with powerful self-help biblical and financial strategies to stop foreclosures, wage garnishments and numerous lawsuits. We have further worked closely with others in overcoming civil litigation and battles with the IRS, using Biblical Based, Advance Debt Management Strategies!

Please know that these facts are not stated so that we are exalted, rather they are stated so that you can know about our background and that you can be assured that we mean what we say and we say what we mean!

We challenge you to find another organization anywhere in the world that use the unique and balanced blend of Scriptural Application to Advance Debt Resolution.


We encourage you to obtain our book:

“Dying from Debt. Surviving false profits and financial choke holds!”

Dying from Debt is structured to provide you with IMMEDIATE relief from financial stress. It is filled with the secrets you and your family need on your way to financial recovery.

Dying from Debt includes:

  • Financial and Legal Grids to Follow for Immediate Relief

  • Step by Step Templates to Stop and Slow down legal proceedings.

  • Information to Stop Foreclosures

  • Strategies on best practices in dealing bill collectors, mediators and lawyers.

  • And so much more…

Once you have applied the strategies as detailed within our book to obtain relief, we then delve into the Scriptural foundation of our methods. This foundational information is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for you to understand, for without it, your efforts to obtain financial relief will be hindered.

We are praying for you and trust that you will seek our God for guidance as you deal with the traumatic issues of debt. We believe that our God has allowed us to provide for his people this unique resource.


The Good Steward

Download our E-Book on Why Budgets Don't Work!

Why budgets dont work

Thank you for your patience while we upgrade our site and materials for your Immediate Use. For those who subscribe, we will provide a FREE COPY of our soon to be released E-BOOK “Why Budget’s Don’t Work.” In it we introduce the BIBLICAL SOLUTIONS AS PRESENTED IN THE BIBLE and why we should be Good Stewards. Luke 12:42-48.

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At The Good Steward we have provided assistance to persons in need for more than 25 years. Our motto is simple, "We start, where Lawyers stop." We desire to be of assistance for those who are in need. If you need immediate assistance, we encourage you to contact us. Blessings.


  1. We’re about where we need to be… Thanks for your patience. Also, keep an eye out for the official release of our Battle Book: Dying from Debt… You’re going to be amazed!


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