Dying from Debt… Surviving false profits and financial choke holds!

Secrets of using Biblical Solutions for Fast and Immediate Debt Relief!
Advance Debt Management Strategies Battle Book

Fast Solutions for the Financially Distressed

Ain’t nobody got time for another dull, jargon-filled, Lord bless me to get out of my mess, name it & claim it, positive confession, envision yourself debt free book on budgeting your way out of debt.

Jesus wants me to tell you to wake-up and stop being a sucker!  And, He’s called me to use EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE to do it!

This book is written to shake you so you can address your dire financial situation with prejudicial urgency.

This book is designed for the person who wants to be honest and understand that everything is not as pleasant as many Christian authors and TV personalities want to make it out as being.

We approach this book from the perspective that you need help now. Not a week from now, not two days from now, but right now!

It is written with the understanding that your financial situation is so dire that even the most creative budget can’t help you in your present state.

Who the book is NOT for?
Any persons who can benefit from Consumer Counseling or similar programs should certainly utilize those services. Similarly, we endorse and encourage everyone to use the services offered by Suze Orman, Dave Ramesy and many other fine professionals “if” your situation warrants. Likewise, there are many other prominent faith teachers and many others fine ministers who may also be of assistance to you.

In short, if putting together a budget and your having the financial discipline to stay the course can resolve your problem, you are indeed blessed and we know you are on your way to much success.

Therefore, save your money, you DO NOT need our teaching, coaching and training material!

Who “Dying From Debt” is for?

  • If you tried budgets and you understand that this has not resolved your situation.

  • Despite your best efforts using budgets, you are still facing dire financial circumstances.

  • If you are at the your financial worst, realizing that budgeting alone has not and will not resolve your financial situation and have been praying and asking our faithful God for help.

  • You are willing to change your ways and desire to utilize a PURE BIBLICAL APPROACH in addressing all your severe financial & debt concerns.

  • And, you are NOT afraid of fighting to keep all that our God has entrusted to your care…

If you are able to fulfill the above qualifiers, then, we believe that we can providing you with the information you need, even if you are facing…

Bill Collectors and Collection Agencies:
Detailed and highly effective solutions are detailed so that you are able to obtain immediate relief. Then, we systematically provide you with solutions to permanently resolve your current financial problems.

Even if you are unemployed, being threatened with lawsuits or you are currently in the battle of a lawsuit, our teaching, coaching and training can help you.

If you are facing foreclosure or are being threatened with foreclosure, again, we believe that our teaching and training can be of assistance to you.

What must you do to be successful with this teaching, coaching and training?
We’re here to tell you that if you are in the fight of your financial life, you need to approach our material from the perspective that you have to fight to survive. We believe that should you approach our material from any other perspective, you will be doing yourself and your family a major disservice.

Your Financial Urgency MUST be your Call to Action:
Financially, it’s midnight, your house is on fire and you are sleeping and we’re the people that God has sent your way to bang and kick in your doors, to break your window’s, to do EVERYTHING possible to wake you up and warn you that you are in danger… this is the ONLY reason why we are offering our material as there simply is no other place we know of to provide you with the quality of help that is needed for dire circumstances for those who want to apply Biblical Solutions to dire financial problems, so…

  • If your lawyer ran out, because your money ran out,

  • If you are facing foreclosure,

  • If you are currently in the midst of foreclosure,

  • If you are being sued,

  • If you have creditors, calling you at home and work,

  • If you are in the middle of a protracted legal fight right now and don’t what your next steps should be because you are financially struggling…

Don’t worry, we believe we can help!

We prayerfully wish you much success as you begin learning the Good Steward Advance Debt Management Strategies Program.

We are Biblical Solution Providers, we believe that our faithful God has NOT left His people without the ability to defend themselves, and neither should you.

With blessings,
The Good Steward.