Advance Debt Management Solutions

Q: What exactly is ADMS – Advance Debt Management Solutions?
A. Advance Debt Management Solutions are proprietary techniques we utilize to assist you in resolving ALL debts and legal claims in the fastest time possible. The result of these solutions is that you are subject to minimal financial risk and exposure. They are designed to secure you and your family financial status and we assure you, these lawful solutions have creditors and their lawyers furious with us as we adapt a no holds barred approach in assisting those whom we have the privilege of serving.

Q: What can I expect as a Member of your Advance Debt Management Solutions Program?
A. You can expect a substantial reduction in the amount of debt you owe to unsecured creditors by as much as 50% to 75% of balances owed and numerous benefits which will put the biggest smile on your face.

Q: Does your Advance Debt Management Solutions Program work with every creditor?
A. Would it be immodest for us to say yes, when we have been told so much in life that nothing works 100% of the time? We thought so, therefore, we will say that our techniques work 98% of the time and we do not say this to boast, but when facts are facts, the facts speak for themselves. So we say with all sincerity that we have an extremely high success rate in resolving debt issues and our past efforts gives us much confidence of our anticipated future success.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just file Bankruptcy?
A. We can only point the seeker of truth to Scripture to validate our positions. All too often, people (including Christians), who face a financial crisis choose the drastic measure of declaring bankruptcy.

However, scripture teaches the Believer differently:

“…[P]ay that which thou has vowed.
Ecclesiastes 5:4.

As a “Good Steward”, we are commanded to live in accordance with Biblical principals. It is not right for anyone who has vowed to pay his or her creditor funds not to pay. Many often take the drastic measure of declaring Bankruptcy because they feel that they are drowning in debt and they have no other alternatives, even when they believe in their hearts that this is something that they should not do. This is also one of the main reasons why we consider it an honor to help good people like you. By our working with you, we seek to have you and the creditor come to terms with what you owe them. Most of the time, with the proper motivation, the creditor will accept substantially smaller payments in lieu of payment in full.

Declaring bankruptcy need not be an option when you consider all the positive things you gain with our Debt Settlement Program. Besides, bankruptcy show’s negatively on your credit profile for up to 10 years. With our program, not only are we negotiating settlement, we also negotiate credit markings that are far favorable than the standard charge-offs, and late pays.

Q: It seems so wrong to do this program and break my agreements. How can I do this and feel good about myself?
A. First of all, you should feel bad. This is a sign that you are genuinely concerned about your actions. However, in life, there are times when things happen and in wanting to do “the right thing” we end up hurting ourselves. The scriptures says “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Hosea 4.6.  Moreover, our Great King says. “No man can serve two masters…” Matthew 6.24.

By looking closer at Matthew 6.24, it further says “…Ye can not serve God and mammon.” Mammon is a god, it is the wealth god or the god of wealth. Scripture again tells us in Proverbs 22.7 “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender”. I will not cover all of this now, however, I will tell you that something more is going on here that should scare the debt out of you. It is a subject that we cover in detail in cd’s, books, workshops and seminars.

  1. Your Advance Debt Management Solutions Program seems to turn everything about our current financial system upside down and almost seems too good to be true, can you elaborate further?
    A. Let us say this and we ask everyone to first and foremost deal with us honestly as we are honorable people. If you are struggling with debt, you need help. This is no different than any other need that you may have. However, if you are not in debt, and you have the means to pay everyone according to the original terms of all your loan agreements, then you should, for to do anything less would be dishonest and this is NOT the mark of Good Stewards.

    Thus, the world offers individuals who are in financial binds the option to go bankrupt, this is a constitutionally protected act for those of you who did not know. However, for the Believer or Christian, this concept should be foreign for it violates numerous scriptural precepts. (This point has already been addressed above).

Likewise, for persons who have money, they seek out the best legal and financial minds available to find loopholes so they do not have to payback or give their money to others. This is usually done via tax write off’s, etc…

With this in mind, we at the Good Steward simply look at what we are doing as leveling the playing field, giving the people of the Most High a chance to maintain and preserve wealth so that they can be about their Fathers business.

Lastly, if you feel that it is wrong, then it probably is (at least for you), as sin can only be revealed by way of the Holy Spirit. Thus as you seek to walk in the truth, you should let the truth of scripture guide your decisions, NOT your emotions.

We believe in all our hearts that the positions we are taking and teaching others is scripturally right and sound. As such, we do it with all our might.

Our only goal is to help every one to become debt and usury (interest) free and the quicker they are, the better off they, their families, their church, their community and society will be.

Q. These collection agencies are constantly harassing me and are very threatening in their demands; can anything be done about them?
A. You bet! It is almost comical, but this is truly the easiest part of our program. It is also something that can work for you if and when needed. This will be explained to you in-depth upon your enrollment into our Advance Debt Management Solutions Program.